• Documenting APIs & SDKs    
  • Just Enough Java    
  • Just Enough C and C++    
  • Improving Writing Skills    
  • Modern Data Communications    

  • Now, more than ever, is the time to expand your skill set.

    Whether you are a fully employed technical communicator, 'between projects,' or a freelancer, don't miss this opportunity to impress your boss or clients with improved expertise and new skills.

    If you are working in a Writing Team, then why not co-participate in a Corporate In-house Session - apply for details. 

    The following seminars and workshops, presented by internationally acclaimed instructors, are designed to help you achieve these goals:

    Documenting APIs & SDKs

    Manuel Gordon of Gordon & Gordon presents his highly acclaimed modular workshops on documenting APIs.

    Documenting APIs & SDKs
    Perhaps one of today's most sought-after skills in technical writing is the ability to document APIs and SDKs. The aim of this intensive 1-day modular workshop is to enable you to work with software developers and create useful documentation for Software Development Kits and Application Programming Interfaces.

    Just Enough C and C++
    Working just in C or C++, then you can attend the Just Enough C and C++ Modular Workshop, and avoid listening to all those boring (and perhaps) irrelevant Java questions!.

    Just Enough Java
    Working just in Java, then maybe the Just Enough Java Modular Workshop is the one for you.

    Understanding Complex Software
    Looking below the Surface....
    If you're working on a complex software project, you need to understand what's going on below the user interface. And there's a lot going on down there!!
    Scratch below the surface of any big system and you quickly find clients and servers, controls and widgets, middleware and middle-tiers and n-tiers, classes and objects and instances, methods, properties, functions and procedures, COM and COBRA and ActiveX, Web services and application services, and yes: UNIX systems even have daemons!

      Improving Your Writing Skills

    Dr. Edmond H Weiss, author of How to Write Usable User Documentation, is a fellow of the STC and winner of the ACM Rigo award for contributions to software documentation. His guide to international technical English is currently in use by Microsoft as its 'de facto' standard for content on Microsoft.com.

    Now in its third year in Israel, this series provides invaluable information to technical communicators.

    Preparing English Technical Documents for an International Audience & Translation
    This workshop teaches you how to create English language technical documents that are culture-free and culture-fair by globalizing and localizing their content.

    How to Write a Usable User's Manual
    This workshop teaches you how to design readable, modular, maintainable publications. Topics include storyboarding and project management, editing for clarity, and testing for usability.

    How to Design and Write a Winning Technical Proposal - 2 days
    A workshop introducing you to practices for analyzing and qualifying proposal opportunities; developing the technical, management, and business components; team writing and storyboarding.

    Elements of Winning Proposals
    A 1-day seminar based on the 2-day workshop.

    Usability and Usability Testing
    A workshop presenting the concepts and definitions of usability, including preparing objectives for usability testing, as well as designing and conducting usability tests.

      Modern Data Communications and Networking - the 2007 Upgrade

    Louis Frydman is Israel's leading consultant on modern data communications and networking. He is also acclaimed around the world where he has presented this subject for software and hardware engineers as well as programmers.

    Now in its eighth year in Israel, Louis has designed this series especially for writers that specialize in Marcom and Technical Communications.

    Modern Data Communications & Networking
    Gives you a full and complete understanding of the subject, from the seven OSI layers to the very latest technologies.

    Modern Data Communications & Networking - Cellular & Wireless
    This 'upgrade' to the course described above, presents an in-depth study of the very latest Cellular and Wireless technologies.

  • Documenting APIs & SDKs    
  • Improving Writing Skills    
  • Just Enough Java    
  • Just Enough C and C++    
  • Modern Data Communications